The Cataclysmica Compendium

The writings of Justin Nicholson


Hello, and welcome to this small corner of the internet.

Please, do not share this website. The reasons are: -Contract issues. The finished works that are officially only supposed to be on Amazon, at least for now, so that I can do promotional deals. If I get enough people to support me going 'free' on Amazon with some stuff, then the contract part doesn't really matter. -Copy write issues. I don't want people to copy this stuff, even if it isn't very good. -Cost issues. I would eventually like to sell some of these stories, and if people can get them for free on here, well... it'd be a moot point. -Quality issues. Some of these are very rough drafts, and these I don't really want leaked until the kinks have been ironed out.

The Google web crawler probably won't ever find this webpage, based on how it functions. So it's a secret website. Oooooooooo. Dark internet magic conspiracy stuff. It's all a hootenanny.

That being said, some of these are finished products, and some are not-so-finished really-rough drafts. The individual stories will be updated second-by-second as I type, so you can be assured these are the latest and most up to date.

If you would like to help with editing, book covers, or anything of that nature, get a hold of me, either through Facebook, my phone, or More than likely, you won't be turned down. I can also send .mobi's to Kindles, for free. Just let me know. I do all my writing and editing with Draft, and think it's amazing. It's what I'm using to put this website up and together.

Also, criticism is always welcome. I'd like to become a better writer, so if there is something you see me doing or writing that could be improved, or just something you don't like, please tell me. I will take it in good faith.

Last, but not least, posting reviews to Amazon regarding books up there helps a ton. So, if you have the time, and you like it, please do so.

Much loves!

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The Compendium Background

The Cataclysmica Compendium is, in my head, designed to be a series of post-apocalyptic novels with supporting short stories, which would not tie into the novels directly but explain the setting and background, and give more insight into the world.

In an alternate-ish future, something horrible happens (still haven't fleshed out what, but it will be supernatural), causing large swaths of the Earth's population to crumble.

The main points to know are: -There is an Empire, which controls the west coast of the continent. Generally evil, they have imposed order on the land.

-Auggers are humans with supernatural abilities.

-Skilitch are like witches, sort of, and have to pay a high price for their abilities.

-Zealots may be merged with Xians. Crazy people, who essentially worship/eat auggers in an attempt to gain their abilities.

-Xians are terrorist psuedo-Christians who may or may not have caused the Cataclysm. Definitely evil.

-Mutants are mutated creatures. Normally really deadly. They really need a better name. --Hellions? --Fiends? --Or just 'Creature'/'Animal'?

-There are lots of city-states and towns out in the vastness.

Short Stories


Completed 5316 words / 21 pages Read Amazon

Gale is a story about a freshly captured slave who ran away from a convoy that was transporting new slaves to be sold. Taking place in an abandoned suburbia slowly turning into a desert, it is short and fast paced.

Brief synopsis: Gale is being pursued by her former captures. She escapes into a house. A slaver dies, and the rest lose her trail. She gets equipment off of the slaver and ambushes the caravan, killing all the other slavers, and rescuing the other slaves.


Rewriting ~9500 words / ~30 pages Read

Inder is the story of an Empire soldier who goes on patrol with his squad. What the patrol finds ultimately prescribes the fate of all their comrades.

Brief synopsis: Inder is grumpy. He went on a patrol to a mountain town only to find it infested with "mayflies", a type of flying mutant. Turns out they are "infecting" people and turning them into more mayflies. The patrol returns to the base, which is attacked in the night by mayflies in a coordinated effort controlled by a Xian skilitch at the base. Inder kills the bad guy, and then turns into a mayfly himself.

update Just not happy with this story. I plan on rewriting it - keeping the premise the same, but changing most of the content.


Idea Stage Only 0 words Read

Kardae is currently rolling around in my head. It will definitely be a dark story.


Idea Stage Only 0 words

Monroe is another idea that I have rolling around in my head. Tells more of the backstory.


The Billows

Rough Draft ~22000 words / ~90 pages Read

Still writing this one, it's the idea that kicked it all off. Following an augger and friends as he journeys to the Empire.

Brief synopsis: Grey, an augger, wakes up in a deserted city looking at the dust storm. Goes to small town. Kills bad dude. Meets up with Jeannine, who has a huge rifle. They are headed through the storm. They go into the storm. It's nutters. They eventually find a big rock with some inhabitants.